Concrete Cutting Services

Concrete Cutting Services Sydney / Melbourne for all types of commercial, offices, and residential jobs. We also do after-hours services to suit other contractors who can carry out their works during normal business hours.

Dust reduction methods and waste management are very important in our job, making sure the work we do does not affect other areas or contractors.

Occupational health and safety is of the highest level and all our staff are trained in properly PPE with safety equipment and training.

We clean up as we go and the job is finished we leave the place ready and free of debris so the businesses like supermarkets can continue to open the following day.

Concrete Cutting Services Sydney / Melbourne
Concrete Cutting Services Sydney / Melbourne in supermarkets

Mobile: 0415 743 036
Melbourne office: Level 27, 101 Collins st, Melbourne. 3000 
Bellarine Office: 128 Fellows Rd, Point Lonsdale, 3225
Asbestos Removalist Lic: H06/01710 
EPA Prescribed Waste Permit 207077

Were we will work Most places in: Victoria Melbourne to Geelong to Belgrave & Sydney to Newcastle